A Bunch of Fun Videos

I’ve been in a video mood this weekend, so I’ve recorded three videos over on my YouTube channel.

First up is a review of “Non Zombie 1 & 2” by Garrett Robinson:

I enjoyed these books. They’re quick reads with a lot of action and humor. I gave them 3/5 stars.


Next up, I reviewed the first season of “Orphan Black”:

I’d kind of stopped doing reviews of TV shows, but this show was so good that I had to tell people about it. If you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure and have a look. It’s available on Netflix and HBO Nordic.

Lastly, just for giggles, I recorded a video where I discuss my highlights from season one of “Orphan Black”. I did it in my poor attempts at copying the accents from the show. The cast on the show do a superb job. Me… not so much:


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