A Change to How I Say Thank You

vectorstock_1469450My reviewers are amazing, but I have to admit I’ve been getting a little overwhelmed. I’m now getting about a review per day and I think I might be annoying people on my social media feeds.

I also want to answer people’s questions from their reviews, without freaking anyone out over on Amazon. People don’t take kindly to authors commenting on reviews on Amazon. However, if you’d like to see my replies to anyone’s questions, you can now find them here.

I’ll still be giving shouts out to my reviewers on social media from time to time, but it will be as a link to the thank you page. I hope this isn’t too much of a disappointment to anyone. I still adore my reviewers and appreciate every review I get. It was just beginning to feel a little like I was patting myself on the back on social media.


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