A Couple of Book Reviews

PublishingJust last week, Crissy Moss brought out her first novel, “Witch’s Sacrifice”. As a big fan of Crissy’s short stories, I picked up a copy right away and got reading.

The book is written in Crissy’s very readable style, with nice imagery and great characters. The world is also very well imagined.

I had a couple of issues with there being a lot of retreading of ideas over and over, along with a side quest that felt unnecessary. I also found a pretty large logic problem near the end of the book, but overall I enjoyed it.

I give “Witch’s Sacrifice” 2/5 stars (3/5 on Amazon), meaning it was okay.

Check out my video review below.

I also read “Six Thegn Quean: Episode 1” by David Ulnar-Slew, which is a light-hearted action book set in a medieval fantasy world. It’s a short episode, at about 40 minutes of reading, but is very enjoyable. The characters are fun and the world, while familiar, is well realised.

I’ve long thought that the ideal genre for first time authors is comedy, as if something is funny, it forgives a lot of other problems. That’s not to say there are any major problems in this episode, though. It moves well, has lots of action and the mercenaries are great.

I give “Six Thegn Quean: Episode 1” 4/5 stars (5/5 on Amazon). It’s very much the first part of a bigger story, but I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes next. Check out my video review at the bottom of this post.



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