A New Collaboration


Dave Higgins and I have just begun collaborating on Greenstar. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might remember Greenstar. It’s Buck Rogers meets Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, where a space engineer, Josie Stein, is frozen and wakes up in a weird and wacky future.

Dave blogged about the collaboration over here: http://davidjhiggins.wordpress.com/2014/04/16/author-collaboration/

Dave is an incredibly talented writer and I’m very lucky that we can collaborate on Greenstar.

What his blog post brings up is something that other writers may find informative. Greenstar, when it’s done, won’t be a Simon Cantan book, or a Dave Higgins book, but a Higgins-Cantan book. Both of us will be working towards the best possible story for readers and doing things differently because of the collaboration. Any differences of opinion end in a compromise for the betterment of the story. Neither of us are stomping our feet and arguing over grammar, just trying to find the most fun story for all of you.

Greenstar is very different to anything I’ve written before. This is similar to a television series, with individual episodes that tell their own stories along with a long arc that will come to an explosive conclusion at the end of the season.

I hope you’ll like Greenstar when it’s done. We’re having a lot of fun writing it. It should be ready in about six months time.

We’re taking our time with Greenstar, so that we can also work on our own projects alongside it. So if you’re waiting for the next sequel to one of my books, don’t worry. This will be a bonus series, not an ‘instead of’ series. I’m looking forward to seeing what you all think.


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3 thoughts on “A New Collaboration

  1. I am slightly jealous you are in a position where you might be accused of delaying a sequel; I am still waiting for my first GRRM moment. 🙂

    • People have asked me for sequels to both “Hard Vacuum” and “Shiny New Swindle”, which I really want to write. I then have my ongoing Bytarend series. I wish I had more time, to be honest. I’d love to write all those books for the people asking for them 🙂

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