A New Way to Find Out What’s Coming and When

WriterI’ve had a few questions about what books are coming out when, so I’ve made a book calendar page over here: http://simoncantan.com/book-calendar/

The book calendar has all of the details of every book I’ve written or am planning to write, with the newest ones at the top. So if you’re waiting for the next Bytarend book or Greenstar season, this is the place to find out when it’s coming.

At the moment, some of the planned books don’t have covers yet, so there aren’t any details other than the planned date of release. You can get a quick overview of when they’re coming out, though, at least.

I hope this helps people to find out when the book they want is coming out, but remember that if you want me to send you an email when a book comes out, sign up for my email list and never miss out on a new release. Remember that new releases are 50% off for their first week: http://simoncantan.com/join-my-new-book-and-story-list/


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