A New Writing Podcast Incoming

YouTube Channel ArtThis Saturday, Dave Higgins and I will be starting a new podcast, called The Nitty Gritty Writing Podcast. The new podcast will be for writers and will be discussing our journey as authors.

There’s a number of reasons for starting the podcast, but the most important is because it’s something I wanted to listen to. There used to be a podcast called the Story Telling Podcast that I enjoyed. It was a few authors talking about what was happening with their writing that week, along with their thoughts on a writing-related subject.

The reason I enjoyed it so much, is because it was authors at my own level (or slightly above). So the subjects they were talking about were things I was struggling with myself. While I love the Self Publishing Podcast, Sean, Johnny, and Dave are in a different league to me. They’re talking about problems I hope to have to worry about in a year or more’s time.

I wrote an email to Sean, suggesting they make a podcast with an author at a lower level than them. Sean then wrote a very nice reply back, saying that they’ve heard the same issue before from other people. However, they weren’t planning on changing things around to deal with it. After all, their podcast is very informative and useful as it is.

I was expecting them to fill in the gap left by the Story Telling Podcast, and that’s not their job. They’re not there to be all things to all people. So the next question was why I wasn’t doing it myself. Why wasn’t I creating the podcast I wanted to listen to so much?

I contacted Dave and asked if he’d be interested in doing a weekly podcast with me, and the first episode is this Saturday over here:

In the first podcast, we’ll be introducing ourselves a little, along with talking about why we’re doing the podcast. After that, the usual format will be just like the Story Telling Podcast: a short talk about our writing that week, followed by a discussion topic. I hope you’ll tune in to watch.


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