A Novel in a Week

WriterThis week was a little bit different for me. My wife and children were all away on holidays, so I took a week off from work to do a different job for a while. I wanted to work for a week as a full-time author to see how it went.

The answer: pretty well. I managed to complete the entire first draft of “Hard Vacuum 2” in one week. Combined with other things I wrote, that brought my total for 8 days to 61,262 words (The book is 54K words long).

Quite apart from writing, I found myself a lot less stressed than when I’m also working my day job. Being a full-time IT engineer and a part-time writer isn’t all that different from working any two jobs. Despite writing being fun, when you really get serious about it, it is still a job. This week I wrote for 37 hours. That’s almost exactly the amount I work per week in my day job.

None of that was on social media or watching YouTube, it was all time with my fingers on the keyboard and words on the screen.

As an experiment, I have started a YouTube show called “Writing On Air”, where I just broadcast my screen while I’m writing, directly to YouTube. Aside from being potentially the most boring show on YouTube, it’s kept me plugging away at my book until I finished it about ten minutes ago.

The only downside to my week? My back aches and my shoulders are painful. I need a better office chair and a more regular training program. You have to be in good shape to be a full-time writer.

This week was amazing. It was hard work – I have bags under my eyes, but it was the best week of work I’ve done in a long time. I can’t wait to edit “Hard Vacuum 2” and get it out to readers to see what they think.


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2 thoughts on “A Novel in a Week

  1. Not jealous at all! That’s an impressive amount of output for one week. I’m impressed you could keep motivated focussing on one main project for so many solid hours. I tend to phase out after 3 or so (never really tried to do more though). I think the hardest part for me would be persuading my wife to keep the kids occupied for that amount of time while I was ‘on hols’ lol.

    Well done. Looking forward to reading the result 🙂

    • Thanks, Mobewan. I tried alternating projects earlier in the year, but it just didn’t work for me. I guess my memory is poor, because I just forget where I am when I do that.

      The secret to getting the freedom is giving up some too 🙂 My wife took my youngest son Alex to north of Norway this month, I’ll be taking him to Ireland in September so she gets a break.

      It’s great being a parent, but it’s nice to have alone time sometimes too 🙂

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