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An avid reader from an early age, Simon Cantan loved to get lost in the worlds that Piers Anthony, Douglas Adams, and others created. When he read Harry Harrison’s The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted at the age of thirteen, he knew he wanted to write, and has been pestering people about it ever since.
Two decades later, Simon has published several books, including the Bytarend, Kyra Sarin, and Greenstar series. He continues to write science-fiction and fantasy, usually with a humorous slant to it.
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  2. I really loved Hard Vac. #1. I thought the twisty ending was way super.

    I joined the list, but didn’t know how to get #2. (help)

    I’m now a follower and a fan.

    • Hi Allen,
      I’m glad you liked the book 🙂 When you signed up for the email list, you should have got an email giving you the details of how to get “Hard Vacuum 2”. It might have gone into your spam folder.

      The email will point you to a page on my website with a password. The password is just for email list subscribers. On the page, there are the books for subscribers with links below. Right click on a link and press “Save As” to save the file for that book. Then connect your ereader to your computer and copy it in.

      Just in case the email hasn’t shown up, I’ve sent it from my own email too.


  3. I really really dig Piers Anthony. The advertisement claimed your books are possibly just “as action-packed and fun”; I’m hoping your books are just as good. Though the few reviews here are giving me some light on that. Would it be possible if I do draw some fanart for your books once I get my hands on them and get to reading them?

    • I love Piers Anthony too, Dason. He’s kind of a hero of mine. I hope I can live up to his considerable talent.

      I’d be thrilled to bits if you drew fanart for my books. If you do, let me know and I’ll post them here on my site (with your permission) 🙂

  4. Hi Simon,
    Sorry to bother you but I’ve just found an advert on Good Reads saying you’ve written a prequel to The Bite Collection, Rotten Roots; Vortigern. I’ve been unable to find this book anywhere and I was hoping, if it really exists, you’d be able to direct me to where I can find it.

    Thank you

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