All These Shiny Worlds

All These Shiny Worlds

All These Shiny Worlds

The 2016 ImmerseOrDie Anthology. What do you get when you ask 34 of today’s top indie authors to each submit a story and then ask a team of judges to scour that ore and pick out the gems? You get All These Shiny Worlds:

  • A world of today, divided, black from white, good from evil, and held apart by the taste of a cookie.
  • A world of griffons and glimmer bunnies, wise old mothers, sassy llamas, and the magic of beer.
  • A world of contemplation and serenity, of service and devotion, ruled by a jewel and guarded by children.

Plus 12 more, for a total of 15 worlds to explore.

From the brutal curators at comes this collection of indie short stories, each a distinct jewel forged in the fires of judgment, and all carrying one simple promise:

Guaranteed not to suck.

Containing stories by
Brett Adams
Bryce Anderson
Misha Burnett
Dave Higgins
Karpov Kinrade
Richard Levesque
Russ Linton
Belinda Mellor
Becca Mills
J.S. Morin
Van Alen Plexico
Regina Richards
Jefferson Smith
Graham Storrs

Download here:

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*NOTE: I’m (Simon Cantan) not one of the authors featured in the collection. I am, however, very happy to be hosting the download page for a book with so many awesome authors!