An interpretation of the Xbox One turnabout

Yesterday, Microsoft completely scrapped their plans for the new Xbox One DRM with the press release below. I’ve added my own interpretations in bold:

Last week at E3, the excitement, creativity and future of our industry was on display for a global audience.

Jeez, we genuinely thought we’d got something brilliant here.

For us, the future comes in the form of Xbox One, a system designed to be the best place to play games this year and for many years to come. As is our heritage with Xbox, we designed a system that could take full advantage of advances in technology in order to deliver a breakthrough in game play and entertainment.

We had such extensive plans in mind for restricting your access to your console and games. Seriously, it felt like our fingertips were already in your wallet.

We imagined a new set of benefits such as easier roaming, family sharing, and new ways to try and buy games. We believe in the benefits of a connected, digital future.

We imagined a vast pool of money, like Scrooge McDuck has.

Since unveiling our plans for Xbox One, my team and I have heard directly from many of you, read your comments and listened to your feedback.

My team and I have now heard and read swear words we didn’t know existed.

I would like to take the opportunity today to thank you for your assistance in helping us to reshape the future of Xbox One.

You can stop verbally pummelling us now, while we’re still breathing.

You told us how much you loved the flexibility you have today with games delivered on disc.

You told us that we can’t rip you off that blatantly and get away with it.

The ability to lend, share, and resell these games at your discretion is of incredible importance to you. Also important to you is the freedom to play offline, for any length of time, anywhere in the world.

Did you know some people don’t have the Internet? And there are other countries that aren’t, like, America?

These changes will impact some of the scenarios we previously announced for Xbox One. The sharing of games will work as it does today, you will simply share the disc. Downloaded titles cannot be shared or resold. Also, similar to today, playing disc based games will require that the disc be in the tray.

Sony’s ad was pretty funny, but it really stung. Please don’t hate us forever.

We appreciate your passion, support and willingness to challenge the assumptions of digital licensing and connectivity.

I guess an engaged community is a good thing…

While we believe that the majority of people will play games online and access the cloud for both games and entertainment, we will give consumers the choice of both physical and digital content.

But we still think we’re right.

We have listened and we have heard loud and clear from your feedback that you want the best of both worlds.

Loud and clear, like I might actually be partially deaf now.

Thank you again for your candid feedback. Our team remains committed to listening, taking feedback and delivering a great product for you later this year.

Our team has mandatory counselling to get to now. TTYL.


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