An Unquiet Calm and Public Perception

An Unquiet CalmI recently read “An Unquiet Calm” by Dave Higgins and really enjoyed it. As some of you might know, Dave and I are currently collaborating on “Greenstar”. Dave and I were talking in a story meeting recently and I mentioned that I’d finished “An Unquiet Calm”, but didn’t feel comfortable leaving a review.

My thought was that it isn’t worth any potential backlash if people think that we’re mutually reviewing each others’ books just to boost review scores. Which I still think is a potential danger.

The problem is that Dave’s short story collection hasn’t got any reviews on it at the moment. So I’m sure he would really like a review to get the ball rolling.

I think my testament to Dave’s writing prowess is the fact that we’re planning a whole heap more books to write together. That and the fact that I keep praising him any chance I get. However, that’s not really a review.

I think I’ve come up with a solution. Not only will I tell you to go buy a copy here, because you’ll really enjoy it, I’m also thinking of giving Dave quotes to use.

Normally, when you get an author quote for your book, it’s from someone famous. Like Stephen King says, “The scariest book this summer” or something like that. I’m far from a famous author, but I wonder if that mitigates the fact that we’re already working together. I won’t be influencing the review scores, rankings or anything else, but I will be giving my two cents on the page the book is on (And hopefully helping people read his book).

So here goes:

“An Unquiet Calm is a dark look into the struggles of people in impossible situations. It will make you think, give you pause and maybe even provoke a shiver of disquiet.”

“I’m used to the lighter side of Dave’s writing from co-writing Greenstar with him, but An Unquiet Calm shows a very different side. Dark, moody and often brilliant, this book fills you with a mix of creeping dread and a sense of wonder at the vivid worlds that Dave creates.”

“An Unquiet Calm is a dark collection of short stories that will have you checking over your shoulder as you read. Filled with worlds you’d never want to live in, Dave Higgins weaves a cocoon of dread around you and won’t let you out.”

You can see Dave’s thoughts on the subject over here. And grab a copy of “An Unquiet Calm”. If you like dark fantasy and horror, you’ll really enjoy it.


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6 thoughts on “An Unquiet Calm and Public Perception

  1. Pondered this thought myself on occasion. I’ll be honest, I usually end up thinking that the people you seem worried about will latch on to just about anything to complain about anyway. Why plan your recommendations around them? They are also unlikely to be scouring Amazon for indie books anyway, having written us all of as commercial sell outs trying to grab a quick buck 🙂 If someone is going to berate me for recommending something I found entertaining and engaging AND THAT ALSO HELPS SOMEONE OUT, then I’m not sure they are going to enjoy my books, my blog and my style anyway.

    This post s a great idea though. I’ve certainly recommended books I’ve enjoyed before from other indies I’ve had contact with or worked with (not got to collaborate with someone yet, but it’s on the bucket list), but I like the step further this post goes. Great stuff.

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