Baby Doll

Elly placed the knife beside the carrots and sighed. “What is it, Victoria?”

Her eight-year-old, Vicky, paused. Her mother only used her full name when she was down to her last nerve. “Come see.”

Elly shook her head and waved her daughter back into the living room. When she got there, she wasn’t expecting to see a gurgling newborn on her couch. “Vicky, where did that baby come from?”

“My doll… My doll just turned into a real baby.”

“The truth, Victoria.”

From upstairs, Elly heard the sound of a dozen babies crying from her daughter’s room.



I wrote this 100 word short story for Advent Ghosts 2015, a challenge author Loren Eaton runs every year at Christmas time. The only rules are that it has to be 100 words long, and it should be creepy or scary. Which are surprisingly difficult rules to stick to. 100 words is barely enough to tell a story, let alone make it creepy.

Check out Loren’s page for more creepy stories:


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  1. Heh. What a shock this would be. You’d have to wonder if they babies are safe.

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