Bitten Season 1, Episode 1

WARNING: Spoilers for Bitten Season 1, Episode 1

BittenThere are two main types of shows that my wife and I watch. The first is period dramas, the second is urban-fantasy. Bitten falls firmly in the camp of the second, following Elena Michaels, a female werewolf who’s left her past behind to work as a photographer.

The first episode didn’t do much other than introduce the concept of the show and the list of characters. It’s very much a show aimed at women, with all of the men seeming to have some sort of a shirt allergy. Her boyfriend, in particular, seems to need to shower ten times per day.

The show was interesting enough, despite it’s lack of action. The main thrust of the plot seems to be the invasion of Elena’s family town by a new werewolf, who they call a mutt. It seems like Elena and her family don’t hunt humans, but this new mutt has called open season on normals.

It’s not surprising to see a new werewolf show, given the success of True Blood and Teen Wolf, but this has far less mystery to it. The mutt isn’t really anything I could see sustaining the show for an entire season. Unless, of course, the mutt is part of something larger, which could give Elena and her family something more complex to deal with.

If he is, as he seems, a lone wolf, then there are about six werewolves in Elena’s family that should make short work of him.

I always wonder why the same monsters get hit up over and over again. We’ve seen vampires, werewolves and zombies countless times. So much so, that it’s difficult to bring originality to the tropes. If you stray too far, then you’ll upset the fans. Don’t do enough, however, and it’s boring.

The show was treading a fine line in the premiere, but I’ll be giving it at least one more chance. Occasionally, shows just need to get the introductions out of the way before they can actually get going.


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