“Blood Cruel” is Out!

blood-cruel-thumbnailSomething you hear over and over as a writer is, “Write what you know.” It doesn’t mean write endless books about being a computer engineer, in my case, but write about things I’ve experienced.

So when I wanted to take part in a paranormal fantasy bundle it left me in a quandary. I’ve never been a fan of Twilight and those kinds of vampire books.

Which meant I had to do some hard thinking. Because I didn’t want to write a book just to chase sales. That wouldn’t have made a satisfying book for the readers, or left me with something I felt proud to have written.

But, after considering it for a while, I realised I did enjoy other vampire stories. I love David Wellington’s vampire books and 30 Days of Night. I just needed to write something like those. My vampires needed to be cold blooded killers, not smouldering kissers.

However, I like Buffy too. So I wanted to have some funny banter. So I added Loki the snarky trickster god and he started poking fun at the hero.

I didn’t stop there, though. The book takes place in Fredrikstad, where I live. So they’re filled with lots of local buildings and details about living here. Including the deathly cold winter.

For a few days, you can pick up a copy for only 99 cents:


If you know anyone that likes vampire books, please let them know. I’m very proud of how the book’s turned out and I want lots of people to read and enjoy it.


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2 thoughts on ““Blood Cruel” is Out!

  1. Bought the book earlier today, and I’m looking forward to reading it later this year 🙂
    Sounds interesting that the setting is the town you live in. Should provide a vivid background for your characters.

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