Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Review

The first season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was only so-so as a comedy. It sat in the pleasant range of comedies, not side-splittingly funny, but not unfunny either. There were enough laughs to keep the episodes moving along. And, not least, it was safe enough to watch with the family.

The first half of the second season continues in that vein, but somewhere in the season, the show really finds its feet. Each of the actors really seems to tap into the heart of their character and the script steps it up a notch.

Not only that, but the show gains a lot of heart to go with it. While in the first season the characters were often stereotypes, used as setups for jokes, they came into their own in the second season. By the end, I was very disappointed to finish the last episode.

There aren’t all that many funny, scripted comedies on television anymore. While drama is hard, it seems comedy is harder. Things have trouble being smart and accessible at the same time. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the few shows managing it with aplomb.

I give the second season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4/5 stars, meaning that I really liked it. The stand-out for me in the first season was Andre Braugher, but in this season the whole cast excelled.

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