All These Shiny World II

There’s a surprise out today. Last year, Jefferson Smith asked me to submit a story for a short collection called “All These Shiny Worlds II”. The concept for the collection is simple: a number of authors submit short stories and only the best are chosen to have their story included. And my story, Merge, was selected…

NGW Podcast: Self Care for Authors

In this episode, Dave and Simon talk about taking care of yourself as an author. How can you look after your mental and physical wellbeing. We also announce that we’ve decided to take a break until later this year from the podcast. As Simon doesn’t have a lot of time to write at the moment,…

NGW Podcast: The Most Interesting Characters

In this week’s episode, Dave and Simon talk about characters. Why do some characters stick out and others just blend into the background? What separates a cardboard character from someone who seems real? Find out our thoughts in the podcast.

NGW Podcast: Does Language Influence Story Structure?

In this week’s episode, we discuss how the language we speak and write in may influence the way we tell stories. We also talk about how centuries of culture may put boundaries on our writing. This week, we also said goodbye to Ed as a co-host. Ed needs to prioritise his family, so is stepping down…

NGW Podcast: The Power of a Twist

In this episode, Dave and Simon talk about the power of twists. Reader expectations are tricky. Go too far and you leave readers unsatisfied, if you don’t go far enough the same thing happens. Find out our thoughts on the podcast.