NGW Podcast: Creating Time to Write

In this episode, Ed and Simon are joined by special guest, Kevin Tumlinson! Kevin is the author of the “Dan Kotler”, “Citadel Trilogy”, “Sawyer Jackson”, and “Think Tank” series, along with being the Director of Marketing at Draft2Digital. Phew. If you want to know how to create time to write ask a busy person. Kevin…

NGW Podcast: Force Multipliers

In this episode of the podcast, Dave and Simon talk about force multipliers. A force multiplier is a military term, referring to an something(s) that increase your effectiveness by a factor. In other words, something that turns you into the equivalent of two, three, or more other people. We discuss the factors writers can learn…

NGW Podcast: Style Makes All The Difference

In this episode, Dave and Simon talk about the difference style can make to a story. There are many aspects of style, including the author’s style and the elements that go into a story. Check out the podcast to find out our thoughts.

NGW Podcast: Engaging Stories

In this episode of the Nitty Gritty Writing Podcast, Ed and Simon discuss what makes an engaging story. Stories are evolving quickly in the modern age. With far more competition, there’s evolutionary pressure on stories to become better than the others around them. Which adds pressure to us as story-tellers. How can we create a…

NGW Podcast: Stalled Projects

In this episode, Dave and Simon talk about stalled projects. What do you do when your heart isn’t in writing a book? Should you muscle through or abandon the project? Find out our thoughts.

NGW Podcast: Handling Attacks

In this episode, Dave and Simon talk about handling personal and professional attacks online. What should you do when someone goes after you or your books? Find out our thoughts in the podcast.

NGW Podcast: The Best POV

In this episode, Dave, Ed, and Simon talk about point of view. How do you choose the best POV for your story? What can POV do for your story? Are there rules for POV?