Choose Your Own Death

CYOD - attempt 2Think you can survive as Josie Stein?

Dave Higgins and I have written one of the episodes from season one as a gamebook, which we’re calling a “Choose Your Own Death” adventure. If you are old and decrepit like us, you might remember books in the 80s that allowed you to make decisions while you were reading them. Like: “You come to a junction, do you want to go left or right?” and then you can choose which way you want to go. Only more interesting than that, obviously.

We both enjoyed those books, so wanted to recreate them in our series. So for episode six in season one, you can choose to read it as a normal episode, or you can read it as a “Choose Your Own Death” adventure. The reason being that finding your way through the book without dying will be challenging to say the least. However, every time you die, you only have to go back a few steps at most, so it’s not too onerous. Find out all the funny ways you can die!

The season isn’t out until 1st October, but we’ve decided to release this episode ahead of schedule. It contains mild spoilers for the season before this episode, so read at your own peril, but if you’d like to see how long you can survive before Topik (the ship’s AI) kills you, you can pick up a copy absolutely free here:


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