Dealing with a Block

The EndThis week has been a little slow, writing-wise. I’ve been working on The Bite of Forest Dark and it’s been a little tough to write. That’s not to say that the idea itself isn’t fun, but the individual scenes weren’t flowing for me.

At the same time, I’ve been reading 2K to 10K by Rachel Aaron. Similarly to her, I’m a total plotter and she pointed out that when she hits a block, it’s usually that she hasn’t planned enough or is finding the scene boring.

I don’t think the scenes are boring, quite the opposite in fact, but I do think that I haven’t planned enough. So I’m going back to the outline and fleshing it out some more.

It’s something I’ve noticed before: people who say they hit writer’s block often are pantsers. That is to say that they’re making it up as they write, instead of outlining ahead of time.

So, hopefully lesson learned and block avoided, I’m going to keep going with the new outline. I have a deadline of 1st March to hit, after all.


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