Death Hacks at the Shoulders of Giants

DeathI had a strange dream last night, unlike any I think I’ve had before.

It started with Death flying towards me, scythe in his hands, his robes fluttering behind him. He swung his weapon down, hitting the ground in front of me, hacking at it. Where he hit, black liquid spurted out.

As I watched, my view expanded and I saw that he was chopping at a curved metal surface. His scythe cut through the metal easily, sending more black liquid into the air around him.

My view pulled back still further, revealing that the metal surface was the shoulder armour of a giant. The giant strode forward, oblivious to the tiny cuts Death was giving him on his shoulder. Just moving on.

I turned and saw dozens, hundreds, of giants, all with a Death on their shoulder cutting at them. They were all marching into a murky blackness relentlessly. And I recognised some of them. They weren’t all wearing armour. Some were in robes, some in suits. Some were modern, some were thousands of years old. All of them kept marching on, because no matter how much Death cut at them, they were so big that it would take him a long time to chop them down.


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