Dexter Season 6, Episode 11 – Talk to the Hand

WARNING: Spoilers for Dexter Season 6, Episode 11

Dexter - HandBleurgh. That’s about what’s happened in the penultimate episode of Dexter. As I mentioned in the reviews of previous episodes, I was beginning to suspect that there wasn’t a plan for the end of the season. That certainly seems to be holding true.

Travis convinces Beth Dorsey to bring the canisters of poisoned gas to the police station. At first, I was intrigued. I thought that the gas might actually be released, killing of a good portion of the department. Obviously, the main characters are off on the boat investigating the murder of Steve Dorsey and Holly Benson, so one of them wouldn’t die. I did hope that the drama would be ratcheted up a little, though.

Instead, Dexter & co. return from the boat, Dexter notices Beth and then instantly decides to check Steve on Facebook. It was just all too convenient. Dexter saves the day, clearing the office and only inhaling a little of the gas himself.

Just enough to make him have nose bleeds and periods of dizziness, of course. I could already see the end of the episode coming. Obviously Dexter couldn’t kill Travis, as there’s a whole episode to go, so Dexter was going to get dizzy and get captured by Travis. It’s something we’ve seen before and has happened in the books.

Sure enough, Dexter gets dizzy and makes sure to knock a chair to alert Travis to his presence. He wakes up in a boat full of petrol cans and Travis giving his victory speech. Dexter jumps out and swims free, like he obviously was going to.

Other plot lines in the episode were a little more interesting, if equally unbelievable. Debra begins to develop feelings for Dexter after her psychiatrist suggests that she has them. That psychiatrist is terrible at her job. She just seems to put Debra into a lower and lower funk each time.

Serial killer murdered your boyfriend? Your fault obviously.

Serial killer tricked you into a relationship? Isn’t that really your fault?

Hey, have you noticed how cute your brother is?

The relationship between Dexter and Debra is something I’ve always enjoyed, because it’s entirely believable as a brother-sister relationship. They have zero chemistry as a couple. They’re completely platonic, while still loving each other. I hope this is a minor blip, because if they do a Debra-Dexter relationship, then this has just sunk into the realm of slash fiction.

Finally, Louis tells Dexter that he’s tired of being on the sidelines. He wants to get in the game. I mentioned a few episodes back that Louis struck me as the serial killer type. Frankly, I think he’d be better at it than Travis has been. I don’t know what’s up with the palmistry at the end, but I hope it’s hinting at a stronger storyline for next season.

All in all, I’m glad there’s only one episode left. This season started strongly and has just fallen to bits in the latter episodes.


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