Dexter Season 6, Episode 12 – This is the Way the World Ends

WARNING: Spoilers for Dexter Season 6, Episode 12

DexterWell, they certainly know how to bring you back for the next season. It’s a shame the rest of the episode couldn’t be as dramatic.

The episode started well, with Dexter adrift in the ocean, reflecting on life. He’s in the middle of the ocean and unlikely to live. Just as he’s about to sink to the bottom of the ocean, a trawler shows up and hauls him on board. It was pretty lucky that it happened to be passing by, but I didn’t mind that so much.

The owner of the trawler is obviously transporting illegal immigrants to Miami. He puts Dexter right beside the sharp spear and then starts waving a gun around, while turning his back on Dexter. As a final moustache twirl, he threatens an unborn child. So Dexter steps in and puts him down.

Dexter then pilots the boat back to shore and stops about five hundred metres from the beach. I didn’t really understand that. Couldn’t he have gotten a little closer? So all of the people, including the heavily pregnant woman, then have to swim to shore.

Meanwhile, Travis is still staying at the house of the people he’s murdered, hammering the legs off chairs. He remarks that the bodies are starting to stink.

Dexter then meets Harrison and Jamie and they go back to the apartment. Dexter remarks that he’s lost his wallet… okay, well, now we know where Travis is going next. After a whole season of Dexter saying how much he loves his son, the rest of the episode was somewhat predictable. Travis kidnaps Harrison, Dexter tracks them down, Dexter pretends to inject himself, then slugs Travis.

Elsewhere, Debra has decided she really is in love with her brother. I said in the review for the last episode that I really hoped they weren’t going to go there. They did. She has to tell Dexter that she’s in love with him at once. Bleurgh.

Travis wakes up to find himself on Dexter’s table. Dexter convinces Travis that he’s wrong about God. He’s just about to kill Travis when Debra walks in. She sees Dexter stab Travis in the chest.

Wow. Okay, I didn’t see that coming at all. I was extremely down on the last few episodes, but now I want to see season seven. They finally did something with consequences. They’ve skirted around Debra finding out a few times and now she finally knows. I’m very interested to see how she reacts, provided it’s well handled.

I don’t know what happened with season six, but it all fell apart. Travis just wasn’t interesting enough to sustain a whole season. I have a feeling that if his story had been six episodes long, it might have been more engaging, but it just felt stretched. The previous killers have all been smart, Travis was just an idiot with an imaginary friend.

The themes of the season – religion and fatherhood, were hammered to death. I didn’t mind the fatherhood so much, but the religion was overdone. I don’t think it was particularly engaging to Christians or to Atheists, let alone other religions. Dexter is Atheist, and he never seemed likely to be converted. Brother Sam was an interesting character, but we never really engaged with his character, in my opinion.

For season seven, I’m hoping Louis proves more of a threat than Travis was this season. Dexter needs to be challenged. After being put through the ringer in previous seasons, this felt like a step down.

Overall, if I’d never watched the season, I’d say skip it and just watch the last five minutes of the last episode.


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