Drabble: Replay

The cars were going so fast, Lainey couldn’t see much more than streaks of light as they passed. She stepped onto the hard shoulder and stopped, glancing back at her friends. They waved her on, their faces alight with beaming, eager smiles.

She turned forward again, battling the fear that made her knees shake. Pulling herself taller, she crossed the hard shoulder, until the draught from the passing cars flicked her hair as each one passed.

They couldn’t see her until it was too late, each driver’s eyes growing wide in the last moment. For a moment, it was almost enough to make Lainey turn back, but another look to her friends told her she couldn’t.

She tried to find a gap and pushed forward, but knew she wasn’t going to make it. A car slammed into her and sent her spinning into the air, the light flickering from her eyes. She didn’t feel the next car.

When the light returned, she opened her eyes to meet the stern gaze of a doctor and her parents.

“This isn’t a game,” her father said. “Just because you can’t be killed, doesn’t mean you should throw your life away.”


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