Embrace the pain

You need to embrace the pain of life. That resistance you feel when something is difficult? That impulse to quit and watch some television or play a game? That’s defeat. That’s trying to make the seconds go more quickly until you can finally die.

You will die. You will die sooner than you think, and you won’t have done anything. In fifty years, it will be as if you never existed. In five thousand years, no-one alive today will be remembered. In five billion years, humankind won’t even be a memory. So why try?

Why not just slouch on the couch and stuff another chocolate bar into your mouth. It feels good doesn’t it? Trying is just so difficult. Trying involves forcing yourself to work every day when you could be having fun.

What’s so wrong with fun, after all? What’s the point of life, if you don’t have fun every day?

If you did try, you’d probably fail anyway. That would suck, wouldn’t it? People might say mean things about you and you’d feel terrible. You’d get stressed and depressed, you might feel like curling up in front of the television and just eating chocolate. You might as well skip the trying step and go straight to the chocolate.

If you actually think about it, dreams are for teenagers. When you’re an adult, you just have to accept reality. You’re never going to be a sports star, or a musician, or an actor, or a doctor, or a NASA engineer. You’re not going to invent something that will change the world. People aren’t going to hang on your every word. Why would they? You’re just a normal person.

Did you hear it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something? That’s an hour a day for twenty-seven years. Every day, an hour gone, when you could be relaxing. You work hard. You shouldn’t have to give up that time. It’s your time, after all. You deserve it. Just go and sit in the easy chair.

Or you could embrace the pain. You could embrace the discomfort. You could embrace the late nights and long days. You could make the time, prioritise and follow your dreams. You could change the world.

Make friends with the pain. It will be your constant companion. It’s going to be standing right beside you for the rest of your short life, telling you not to do it. Put your arm around the pain’s shoulder and whisper back, “Fuck you, I’ll do it anyway.”


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