Europa Report review

Europa Report is a strange little movie. Starring Christian Carmago, Michael Nyqvist and Anamaria Marinca, the movie tells the story of a mission to Europa, a moon of Jupiter. The mission is to find if there is life elsewhere in our solar system.

Scientists at the moment believe Europa is our best chance of finding life on another body inside our solar system, due to the presence of liquid water.

In the movie, we’re introduced to the mission in quite a disjointed way. The timeline hops around quite a bit. We see a little from the start of the mission, a little from near the end, then two months in. I couldn’t help feeling like the movie would have benefited more from a linear timeline. I get why the movie was made in this way – to try to increase the mystery behind certain things.

The movie is also quite slow. This isn’t an action movie, by any means. The mission is slow and mostly uneventful. The crew behave in a professional manner, doing what they’re meant to, to complete their mission. The problem with reality is that it quite often doesn’t make an enthralling movie.

But that’s enough about the negatives, on the positive side, the movie has incredible visuals. If you like space exploration like I do, you’ll be fascinated by the views of the space station, Jupiter and Europa. While the realistic plot does make the movie quite slow, it’s very rewarding when they get to Europa and begin their search for life.

At ninety minutes, the movie is just about the perfect length for what it is. It could even have done with maybe losing five minutes or so, but while it slows down in some places, it doesn’t drag as such.

The performances are all excellent. The only issue being that all the characters are pretty much interchangeable. They are all professional astronauts, who behave in a calm, effective manner. There isn’t any unprofessional behaviour. They’re all collected under pressure.

I enjoyed this movie for what it was. It isn’t a science-fiction classic, by any means, but it is worth a watch for anyone who’s a fan of more serious science-fiction. I give it 3/5 stars.


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