Even More Books in the Giveaway

CoalThe book contest to celebrate the last book in the Bytarend series just got even bigger, with six more books in the giveaway.

A big thank you to Dave Higgins, my co-author, for adding Greenstar seasons one and two to the prize. And to Constance Burris for adding Coal!

I’ve also added the rest of my books to the prize. So the winner will get Shiny New Swindle, Hard Vacuum 1, and Hard Vacuum 2.

Scroll down a little to see more about Coal and Greenstar. And you can enter the giveaway here: http://simoncantan.com/giveaways/bytarend-series-celebration-giveaway/

Don’t forget that for every friend that also enters, you get an additional chance to win the contest (up to 10)!


YA Fantasy

Coal has lived most of his life in the fey realm with his elven best friend, but when a human child he promised to protect unintentionally breaks a law in front of the fey elite, he will have to choose between betraying his best friend or saving the child’s life.

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Comedy Sci-Fi

What happens when you mix “Buck Rogers”, “Star Trek”, and a generous dollop of humour? Normally, freezing to death in deep space is pretty permanent. But Engineer Josie Stein just woke up a thousand years in the future, aboard the U.F.S. Greenstar, a recycled spaceship on a mission to stop the self-destructive aliens of the galaxy from wiping themselves out. If that wasn’t enough, she’s immediately elected captain. The last captain’s success rate was one hundred and sixty-seven alien species extinct to zero saved, so she can’t really do any worse. But how can she deal with aliens when she can no longer understand her own species?

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Get Into The Action

For a limited time, I'm giving away the first two books in the Bytarend Fantasy series and the Hard Vacuum science fiction series for free.

Bytarend is fast, fun fantasy that'll have you on the edge of your seat. Hard Vacuum is hard-talking, violent science fiction and my tribute to 80s action movies.

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