“Fields of Dust” is Out Now!

My post-apocalyptic book, Fields of Dust, is out today! It’s a genre I’ve always enjoyed, as unrealistic as it sometimes is. There’s something that appeals about the end of the world, that I can’t put my finger on.

One possibility is that it’s a world where there’s a lot of agency. If you’re one of only hundreds of people still alive, your actions can have serious consequences. While in our modern world, it can feel like we can’t make the impact on the planet we feel we could or should.

Of course, the books, tv shows, and films are also filled with action and heroism. They might not be realistic, but they appeal to my sense of good being pushed down, but pushing back and triumphing anyway.

I’ve come up with a plan for the series I’d love to try. One that really shows how things can seem to only be swinging in a negative direction, but ends up in the most positive way. So go grab a copy! It’s only 99 cents for the launch today 🙂


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