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The Bite on the Line - 3D RowIf there’s something I’ve always loved, it’s “try before you buy”. There’s nothing that annoys me more than getting stuck with something I don’t even like. And some of those free samples have then turned me into a huge fan.

Which is why I’ve been making the first books in a number of my series free for years now. I started with The Bite on the Line, the first book in the Bytarend series.

If you haven’t read the series yet, it’s a difficult one to categorise. Mixing medieval Fantasy, with some steampunk elements, and silly humour at times, it’s a series some people don’t enjoy. But people who like it, really love it.

Which is why it’s ideal to have the first one free. After all, most people can tell pretty quickly if they’re going to like it. If you’re interested you can grab a copy all of these places:

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Wow, it’s kind of a lot of places, now that I look at it 🙂 Anyway, the next series I put out a free sample in was the Kyra Sarin series. It’s a combination of gory violence, a kick-ass heroine, and a lot of groan-worthy one liners (Just like Arnie and Sly).

It’s another series that’s definitely not for everyone, but it also has its fans. Anyone who grew up loving movies like Commando and Predator tends to like the mix.

I just released the third book in the series a few months ago and it’s still going strong. If you don’t mind swearing and violence, you can check out the first book, which is a quick read (takes about an hour to read):


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Season One Intro for Front PageThe final book I wanted to talk about is the Greenstar Intro Pack. It’s another book with a lot of silly humour in it. I wrote it together with Dave Higgins, and it’s inspired by Star Trek and Buck Rogers.

In the book, Josie (the hero), is frozen and wakes up over a thousand years in the future. Only the future she wakes up in is a lot more crazy than she’s used to.

With strange aliens, an idiot crew, and a ship made of recycled cardboard, Josie has to try to survive long enough to work out what’s going on.

It’s another series that fans love, but not everyone will. So Dave and I created an intro pack with the first three episodes:


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All of which might seem like a lot of shameless plugging of my own books (which it is), but I also have a point too. With independent publishing, anyone can put a book out into the world. There aren’t traditional publishers controlling who gets to read what. Which means that there are a lot more things out there than ever before.

If someone is into Bigfoot as an alien, they can find a novel to suit them. It also means it can be more difficult to find something you truly love. Which, going back to my initial point, is why freebies and samples have been so useful for me as a reader.


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Bytarend is fast, fun fantasy that'll have you on the edge of your seat. Hard Vacuum is hard-talking, violent science fiction and my tribute to 80s action movies.

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