Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 8 – The Wait was Worth it

Giant_Season_3_ep_1Warning: Spoilers for Game of Thrones up to season five, episode eight

Phew, what an episode. After a slow sink into cliches and boredom, Game of Thrones pulls it back with all the violence, intrigue and mystery we’ve come to expect from previous seasons.

For a start, we had Cersei suffering in a cell. That left me wondering what the plans are that her and Dr Frankenstein have. If the Mountain is still alive, how exactly are they going to use him to help Cersei escape.

Then Tyrion and Danerys finally met and teamed up. It felt like they were really dragging that out and then had to use a lot of coincidences to get them together. Once they were talking, however, it all seemed much more Game of Thrones, with a lot of clever dialogue.

Arya had something interesting to do too. It’s about time for that to happen as well. It seems like she’s about to become a master assassin. Presumably just in time to get back to Westeros and help out her siblings in their hour of need.

Of course, the main event though was the attack on the wildling village. It was impressive and explained a lot about the season so far. Since I’ve heard the giant and the white walkers are very expensive to animate, it was great to see them on the screen for so long. I have to guess that’s why we’ve had less than impressive sword fights and other action in the previous episodes this season. They just didn’t have the budgets for it.

It seems Valerian steel is worth its weight in dragonglass too. I found myself running through who had a Valerian steel sword at the end.

We also had a potential battle setup for the next episode or two between Stannis and the Boltons. I can’t wait to see what Ramsey has planned.

I’m so glad the show had gotten back on track. I hope the last two episodes end the season on a real bang.


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