Greenstar Diary Entry #1 – Josie Stein

Season One Intro Pack (3D)Dear Diary,

I’ve been on the Greenstar for about a week now. Everyone has been in awe of me since they elected me captain. They’re all acting friendly, but it’s like there’s some kind of barrier between us.

I’m continually baffled by the way they do things in the future. Food and drinks just appear from a hole in the wall, but they’re not just regular food and drinks. I found out today that they have nanobots inside them that go through our bodies eliminating illnesses. I didn’t have a problem with that until Bao Lei pointed out that they sometimes develop a hive mind and consume their host.

I haven’t eaten in twelve hours, but I don’t think I can hold out much longer. I’m going to have to eat eventually and just hope that the nanobots play nice.

I explored the Greenstar a little bit yesterday. Apart from the food materialisers, not much of it looks very futuristic. It’s like people have just slapped together quick fixes to things all over the ship. I leaned against a wall on Deck Nine and it toppled over. Turns out it was held up with duct tape.

That’s another thing: duct tape still exists. Shouldn’t they have something better in the future than cardboard and duct tape? The ship is a concoction of amazing things like the shields in the docking port that keep the air in, and ramshackle fixes we wouldn’t have put up with in the twenty-second century.

-Josie Stein, UFS Greenstar.

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