Greenstar Diary Entry #4 – Gina Flabbel

Season One Intro Pack (3D)Dear God… I mean Satan… I mean Diary,

It’s been a week since Josie freed me from the jungle. The rest of this ship has a troubling lack of trees. It was nice to finally get a shower and a cup of coffee, though.

Josie setup appointments for me with Doc, which have been helping. Apparently my old method of sticking clumps of mud in my hair isn’t in fashion any more. I didn’t believe her at first, because God… I mean Satan… I mean Topik told me it looked good. Turns out he was lying about it for his own amusement.

It’s going to take some adjusting to get used to being away from Neil too. Even thought he’s completely crazy, I’d gotten used to being his wife. That’s another thing that Doc said Topik was lying about. He can’t actually officiate at weddings, so Neil was never my husband. I’m kind of relieved, to be honest.

I was worried that Josie might dump me off at the nearest planet, but it seems like she has more appreciation for a good happiness officer than Pol ever did. I stabbed him to death, by the way. Well, not really. They have this thing called a holotainment centre and Doc helped load up Pol’s image into it. So far I’ve stabbed him, shot him, blown him up, run over him in a shuttle and blown him out an airlock.

Frankly, it helped me release some steam or I might have done one of those for real. Seeing him die in all those different ways was fun for a while, but I don’t want to kill anyone. Well, not unless God tells me to.

– Gina Flabbel, UFS Greenstar.

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