Greenstar Diary Entry #5 – Doctor Kak Mangrove

Season One Intro Pack (3D)Dear Diary,

I managed to crack gills finally. It’s been the toughest thing ever, but I now have them working. I tested them out downstairs, talking to the recycling squid. It turns out she’s not all that happy where she is. A lifetime of swimming through our waste water has given her a bit of an attitude. She still wants to kill anyone who ever sets foot in there, but she’s agreed to give them a headstart first.

After that, I managed to climb up to Bao Lei’s cabin and gave him the fright of his life. He thought I was the ghost of seafood buffets past. I had to squirm away when he brought out the frying pan, though.

I’ve been thinking a little about what Josie told me, that I should be improving my mind, rather than my body. I did a scan of it and she’s right. It’s pretty hideous. It just looks like a lump of grey-pink gunk. I’ve changed mine to have more patterns in it and different colours. It meant I had to forget how to cycle a bike, but it’s worth it. If my head ever gets cracked open, people will marvel at the beauty of my brain.

Doc Kak Mangrove, UFS Greenstar.

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