Greenstar Diary Entry #7 – Bao Lei Park

Season One Intro Pack (3D)Dear Diary,

I had such a good day today. I managed to warn the captain about sixty-one potential traps. It turns out that none of them were actually traps, but she seems to be getting more used to having a pessimism officer on board. At least she double-checked before going ahead with what she was going to do.

I’ve been reading up about old-fashioned systems of command. It turns out that people used to discuss things until they came to some agreement. Idiocy. It’s one of those things where when you look back at how people used to do things, you wonder why they couldn’t see the better solution right under their noses.

Otherwise, someone sent me a new album of music after raving that they were just as good as Angel Tune. Some woman called MegAnn squawked and warbled for a painful hour before it finally ended. I don’t understand why people can’t accept that no-one has been or ever will be as Angel Tune. The captain even got in on the action, talking about some guy called Elvis. I know, right? Not even a woman, how is he possibly meant to be any good? I managed to find his hits in a dusty old archive, so I’m going to give them a listen.

– Bao Lei Park, UFS Greenstar.

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