Greenstar Diary Entry #8 – Pol Andreasen

Season One Intro Pack (3D)Dear Diary,

Okay, I’m convinced. You were right yesterday, Josie does fancy me. All of this shoving me into crappy cabins and calling me a selfish jerk is her repressing her feelings. Well, trying at least, but her crush keeps bubbling to the surface. I guess I can’t really blame her. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror after my shower today. I’ve really become distinguished with age. My stomach, double chins and varicose veins are barely visible.

I know that I could get them removed by Doc, but it would take half-an-hour and who has time? Besides, if I did that, I don’t think Josie would be able to help herself from jumping on me. It would distract her from captaining the ship.

I had that dream again about Felipe. He came to me in the night and stood over my bed, pointing his finger at me and scowling. I wasn’t going to fall for it, though. I didn’t pull his finger. I just turned the other way and went back to sleep instead.

He’s very quiet for a ghost, but I guess he was pretty quiet as a person too. Well, other than at the end.

– Pol Andreasen, UFS Greenstar.

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