Greenstar Diary Entry: Reyna Gaspar

FINAL_jPEG_LowResIn today’s diary entry, Reyna talks about the aftermath of Pol’s attempt to take over command (again). Pol’s Holotainment Rebellion is a completely free exclusive to our mailing list members. Join the email list in the menu above and grab a copy!

Reyna Gaspar

Dear Diary,

I still can’t get the smell of mouse blood out of my nose. The slaughter, the fur and feathers, all of that spilled tea. I can’t believe Pol could do something like that. Of course, being Pol, the safeties were still on, so none of us were at any real risk. Still, the intention was there. Josie’s put him in the brig for a few days to think about what he’s done.

I’m surprised he managed to do it, to be honest. I would have thought only Elijah could figure out which cables to move, but Elijah denies helping Pol with it. I guess Pol is either smarter than I give him credit for, or he got lucky.

Speaking of Elijah, I know it was only meant to be a casual thing, but I’ve caught myself staring at him sometimes. He’s not really my kind of guy, normally. I like them confident and he can barely string two words together if they don’t involve something scientific. Maybe it’s just being in the close confines of this ship that’s making me shift my expectations. He is sweet, though.

—Reyna Gaspar, UFS Greenstar


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