Greenstar is Coming

Complete Season One (3D)With the launch of Greenstar just around the corner, I thought I’d rundown the things Dave and I have planned for the launch. So this is going to be a little different than the usual book launch for me. Normally, I would just release the book and post a few places to let everyone know. However, Greenstar is pretty special and we felt it deserved a little bit of an extra push.

We’ve recorded a couple of YouTube videos on Greenstar. The first one goes into our favourite moments from the season, the second goes into how collaboration worked for us on the season. Those videos will be up next weekend.

Every day for seven days from the 1st of October, there will be a new diary entry and new image with a quote from the season. The diary entries can give you some behind the scenes information, if you’ve already read the season, while the images are made for sharing around.

Finally, we have two exclusive short stories for the season. The first one is only for subscribers to our mailing list: The list is completely free to join and only has occasional news of our new releases, along with bonuses like “Rescuing Bao Lei”, the short story that goes between episodes four and five of Greenstar.

The second short story, “Something Ancient, Something New”, is for anyone that buys the full season on Gumroad and is for reading after you’re done with the full season. Both short stories are a lot of fun and don’t cost you any extra to get.

Dave and I have worked hard to make the special extras around the launch more fun and less spam, so I hope you enjoy them. If people like them, we may well do more for season two.


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