Greenstar Season One!

Complete Season One (3D)Holy smokes! Greenstar Season One is now live. After six months of hard work from both me and Dave, it’s finally available for you all to read.

For anyone who hasn’t seen my incessant blog posts from the last month or so, Greenstar is a science-fiction comedy series. In it, space-engineer Josie Stein is frozen and wakes up more than a thousand years in the future, to a world that no longer makes any sense. She’s immediately promoted to captain on the Greenstar and then has to deal with the insane crew and crazier aliens.

For the first week, season one is reduced to half-price (from 5.99 to 2.99) and on Gumroad you even get a bonus short story. The season has ten episodes, so should keep everyone reading for a while.

Dave and I had a lot of fun writing it, since we’re both such Star Trek, and other science-fiction, fans, so it was a blast to develop our own little space-opera to add to the genre. We’ll even be starting work on season two next month, so Greenstar will be expanding pretty quickly.

Check out the dedicated page to the full season here:


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