Greenstar Season Two Diary Entry: Bao Lei

FINAL_jPEG_LowResOnly one more day to grab Greenstar Season Two at a discount! In the meantime, Bao Lei’s diary entry features worries about his job-mandated pessimism:

Bao Lei Park

Dear Diary,

We’re on the run again. The Greenstar’s in even worse condition than before. And Burger Supreme want us dead. Yet somehow, with Josie in charge, I still feel hopeful.

Which is terrible. How am I supposed to do my job properly if I can’t look on the dark side all of all that?

I spent all morning trying to convince myself Josie would fire me if I couldn’t be miserable, but I know she wouldn’t.

There’s only one thing for it: I’m going to set my HandyTalk to remind me every morning how few days remain until Pol gets out of the cells. If starting the day with that doesn’t make me doubt anything will turn out for the best then nothing will.

—Bao Lei Park, UFS Greenstar


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