Greenstar Season Two Diary Entry: Connor

FINAL_jPEG_LowResWith only hours to go in the Greenstar Season Two sale, here’s the penultimate diary entry from Connor Conrad. Connor has some very deep concerns about his future on the Greenstar to talk about.

Connor Conrad

Dear Diary,

I finally ran out of coconut oil. I’ve been trying to ration it out, but you know how it is. I tried olive oil, but it just doesn’t have the same sheen to it. I tried to persuade Josie to make an emergency stop, but apparently my body is fine the way it is. I asked her if that meant I could stop working out every day and she told me not to go crazy.

I do like the way she feels my muscles when she thinks I’m not looking. She’d never come out and say it, but I kind of feel like that’s what I bring to our relationship. She has the brains and the bravery, I have the muscles. She needs a social conscience ray lifted and I’m right there waiting.

—Connor Conrad, UFS Greenstar


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