Greenstar Season Two Diary Entry: Jullien Ferrier

FINAL_jPEG_LowResToday’s Greenstar diary entry is from Jullien Ferrier. Jullien is second-in-command on the BS Special, the Burger Supreme ship charged with bringing the Greenstar to justice through blowing it into small pieces.

Where Vesta is a raging ball of revenge juice, Jullien is a more measured officer, trying to come up with the calmest, most intelligent way to destroy Josie and everything she stands for.

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Jullien Ferrier

Dear Diary,

I’ve managed to convince Captain Hartman to go on shore leave. She really needs to blow off some steam; otherwise the entire crew will end up as disabled spacemen.

On the subject of blowing off steam, I’ve wrangled an invitation to the Hunting Kisses after-party. I’ve got my eye on Mala, and I’ve got just the line for her: ‘You’re a warm breeze: lifting everyone’s spirits; impossible to hold back.’ No way she’ll resist that.

And if she does, it’s bound to work on someone.

I should end here. Before I head out, I need to tell Lieutenant Grifka he volunteered to take the con while we were in dock.

—Jullien Ferrier, BS Special Sauce


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