Greenstar Season Two Diary Entry: Lt. Brink

FINAL_jPEG_LowResFor today’s diary entry, the shy Artie Brink reveals a developing crush.

Lieutenant Artie Brink

Dear Diary,
Peace at last. We’ve docked at Plankton Station and Captain Hartman has awarded shore leave, so no one will expect me to still be on board. Two whole days to work on my new theory. Two whole days of not worrying whether to hide from the Captain in engineering or Ensign Ingensen on the bridge.

She just makes me so flustered. Bouncing up when I least expect it. Her ideas are great, but I can’t concentrate with her grinning at me all the time.

And it will be worse after we leave Plankton. At least while Ahashi was senior Ensign I could give him the orders to pass on. Now I’ll actually have to speak to her.

Why did Ahashi have to make that joke about still being able to get off the Special?

—A. Brink, BS Special Sauce


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