Greenstar Season Two Diary Entry: Pol Andreasen

FINAL_jPEG_LowResToday’s diary entry is from Pol, probably my favourite character to write because he’s so repugnant. Any disgusting thing you can think of, Pol would probably do it.

Pol Andreasen

Dear Diary,

My experiments are progressing nicely. Josie walked in on them yesterday and I had to pretend it was a sex thing. The holotainment centre should really have a lock on it. However, I think I’ve finally managed it. I’m going to find a way unseat Josie as captain, clear my name and return to Earth as a hero. All I need is to disable the door to the holotainment centre and my army will walk out at my back and take over the ship.

I couldn’t get my first choice, the bloodthirsty Vikings Josie programmed. They laughed in my face and pushed me into the mud when I asked them. I couldn’t persuade the members of Hardtack’s crew either, but the holotainment centre came preprogrammed with a bunch of characters that were a lot more receptive. They live in a program called Miss Tinky’s Fairytale Forest, so they’re mostly talking mice and giant teapots, but they jumped right on board when I said there was an evil witch we had to take care of.

—Pol Andreasen, UFS Greenstar


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