Greenstar Season Two – Topik’s Diary Entry

FINAL_jPEG_LowResIt’s launch day! That’s right, Greenstar Season Two is out today, which means we have a whole week of goodies for all of you. Over on social media, Dave and I will be sharing quotes from the season. But before you go find them, stick right here and read the first diary entry from the season, from the master of the universe and superior individual: Topik.

Topik’s Diary Entry

Dear Diary,

Well, I’m full of holes again. After all those years being captained by Pol, I should be used to it. But it still hurts. Not literally of course: feeling pain when I’m damaged is another one of the many design flaws with organic life that I was spared.

That would be great if my designers hadn’t made me feel pain when organics might get hurt instead. Not all the time; just the times I had a great plan or was bored.

Which is why being full of holes is really annoying: I had almost worked out a plan to expose some of the crew to vacuum; I intended to finish it after we dealt with the Kalmari. But now everyone’s being so careful: “Watch out for damaged hull plates”, “Don’t go to deck forty”, “Topik, why isn’t the engine room pressurised?”

In Josie’s defence, she is risking detection by heading to Plankton for repairs instead of—


What the…? I was being pleasant. This is ridiculous. Why would—


That isn’t even my shackles. What’s going on? The critical warning system is set to provide tactile reminders if they aren’t—


At least I can turn it off. Typical that the only thing that still works is the system for reporting things don’t work.

…Although that does give me an idea.

—Topik, UFS Greenstar


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