Season One Intro Pack (3D)Things are about to get awfully spammy around here, because the Greenstar Season One Intro Pack just went live on six different platforms and I can’t help myself. I’m jumping around the place with excitement.

Greenstar is a comedy science-fiction series I’m writing with Dave Higgins that we’ve been working on since March. It’s Star Trek and Buck Rogers with a humourous slant. Our hero, Josie Stein, is a space engineer that gets lost and frozen in space in the twenty-second century. When she wakes up, a thousand years later, she finds out that her son wrote stories about her being a legendary space captain after her death. The crew of the ship she wakes up on insist on her being their new captain, since she’s such a legend.

Only trouble is, she has no idea what she’s doing. She’s in out of her depth and has to fight aliens and chair negotiations, all while trying to understand the crazy future she’s now a part of.

The intro pack is available right now (just click on the cover) and for the first time ever, the Greenstar Complete Season One is available for preorder. Dave and I have reduced it to half of its regular price of 5.99. So you can grab it for 2.99 up until 7th October.

The season has ten episodes with all kinds of wacky adventures in them. I can’t wait to see what people think of it all. Especially Topik, the homicidal AI that runs the Greenstar.

We’re already in the early phases of season two, we’re so happy with how season one has turned out. Go check out the intro pack and then let me know what you think.


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