Halt and Catch Fire – Season One Review

halt-and-catch-fire-season-1-2014-poster-2__140602212229After, Mike, my co-host on the Pundit Podcast kept recommending Halt and Catch Fire to me, I decided I’d have to check it out so he’d stop going on about it. The show was a difficult sell for me, and I have to imagine it’s the same for a lot of people. A show where people in the 80s try to make a computer doesn’t sound like it would hold your attention long.

However, I was wrong. Halt and Catch Fire is so well written, acted and directed that it’s enthralling. While it is only about salespeople and engineers trying to make a computer, the interpersonal drama between the characters makes the show worth watch.

There are four main characters in the show (pictured in the image). Joe is a salesman constantly searching for a way to make his life extraordinary. He wants to prove he’s better than anyone else. Cameron is a young woman just getting out of a teenage, punk phase. She wants to hate the establishment, but she thinks the establishment is the thing that can make her dreams come true.

Gordon and Donna, meanwhile, are a married couple. They’re both engineers and tried to make their own computer years before. Since then, they’ve both been working corporate jobs, trying to forget their dreams. It hits Gordon hardest of all. Working a job he hates, he’s trying to bury his dreams, but they just keep coming back to him.

This is a show I can well imagine being a cult classic in years to come. It’s a show where the idea for it is a difficult sell, but the finished product is incredible. Much like the computer they’re trying to make.

Season one is a fascinating insight into the characters and I’ve very little to fault with it. I’m looking forward to season two coming to Norway, but it might take a while. While season one doesn’t end on a cliff-hanger, it’s close. But only because I care about the characters and want to see where they end up.

Overall, I give Halt and Catch Fire 4/5 stars (5/5 on Amazon), meaning that I really liked it. You can pick up a copy on DVD and Blu-Ray here:



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