Hard Vacuum 2 Now Available

At long last Hard Vacuum 2 is finished and available: http://simoncantan.com/hard-vacuum-2-2/

Kyra is on her way back to Earth with revenge on her mind. Baltasar is not going to get away with trying to kill her on Space Station Harrison. However, she’s going to find out that the situation is more complicated than she could have imagined. The Xenomigrant aliens are spreading out from Eris and moving towards the Earth. She’s going to have to choose between her thirst for vengeance and saving humanity.

Hard Vacuum 1 was a tribute to the best, goriest, corniest 80s movies, with lots of one-liners and brutal violence. The second in the series continues the action, but has a deeper, longer story with a lot less one-liners. Where the first book was a short novelette, this is a full novel that concludes the open ending from the first book.

It was a lot of fun to write more about Kyra and her no-nonsense attitude to life. A stark contrast to anyone in Bytarend or on the Greenstar, Kyra is very much a woman of action and combat. Can she deal with being back on Earth and playing nice with others?

As a new release, Hard Vacuum 2 is also half-price until 8th December 2014, so grab a bargain today!



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