Hard Vacuum is Now Free on Amazon

Hard Vacuum (3D)Since I’m now in the process of writing “Hard Vacuum 2”, I’ve reduced the price of “Hard Vacuum 1” to free on Amazon (Other sites to follow shortly). That’s right, for precisely no money you can read the sweary, violent and hopefully hilarious “Hard Vacuum 1”.

I’ve tried making the first book in the series free with my Bytarend series and had a lot of success with it. It’s great for readers because they get to try something without any risk and great for me because I reach more readers.

The Hard Vacuum series is where I let go of my filter quite a bit. Expect copious swearing, violence and sexual references. Whereas the Bytarend series and “Shiny New Swindle” have very little swearing, mild violence and practically no sex, “Hard Vacuum 1” is the opposite.

Here’s the blurb:

The Eighties are back. The start of a new series as over-the-top as the best Eighties action movies ever were.

Kyra Sarin has survived five years of the hardest fighting mankind has ever seen. On her way back to Earth, to finally see her children again, the space station she stops at is taken over by terrorists. It’s the last mistake they’re ever going to make.

WARNING: This title has more violence and swearing than a dock-workers’ annual shin kicking party. If you are easily offended, or even pretty difficult to offend, you probably shouldn’t read this book.

Grab your copy today.


Get Into The Action

For a limited time, I'm giving away the first two books in the Bytarend Fantasy series and the Hard Vacuum science fiction series for free.

Bytarend is fast, fun fantasy that'll have you on the edge of your seat. Hard Vacuum is hard-talking, violent science fiction and my tribute to 80s action movies.

Grab all four books for free:


2 thoughts on “Hard Vacuum is Now Free on Amazon

  1. FYI Simon, it doesn’t look like the price drop is happening on either amazon.com or .ca Looks like .co.uk is the only one so far. Not that a buck will stop me from checking it out 🙂

    • Amazon.com is showing zero for me :S Amazon.ca is difficult to price match, as is Australia. It seems like each country’s Amazon is run in slightly different ways. “The Bite on the End of the Line” has been free since August 2013 in the US and UK, but is still a paid purchase in Australia, France and others.

      I’ll see if I can get Amazon.ca to price match. Thanks for the info 🙂

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