Hours of Writing Per Week

WritingCrissy Moss posted an analysis of her writing performance during Nanowrimo (here), and it made me want to go and make a similar graph for my own performance (minutes worked per week):

Hours worked per weekJust like Crissy, my performance has ebbs and flows, but I was interested to find out why. There are a few spikes, the most notable being on week 27 of 2015. However, that was the week I took off work to write The Bite of a King. Since I was effectively full-time during that week, I can’t really count it.

The weeks after, and the spikes in April, are more interesting. All of them happened when I was writing The Bite of Rust and editing The Bite of a King. As I got close to finishing that series, my enthusiasm was high, as I wanted to go out on a bang for the fans. So I worked incredibly hard during those times.

There are two lulls as well on the graph, both of which correspond to editing phases on Greenstar. One for season two and one for season three. Which is to be expected. I don’t like editing. The way I edit is meticulous, since I can’t afford someone else to edit my work. Which means it’s also very boring.

All of which doesn’t really tell me anything I didn’t know before. Enthusiasm is vitally important, editing is boring, first drafts are exciting. Still, it was nice to see the data.


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