How to prevent teen pregnancy – guaranteed (not a guarantee)

Young Turks today were discussing new ads that show “pregnant” teen boys in an attempt to curb teen pregnancies:

While watching, I came up with a far better idea for an ad. I used to watch a show called “The Persuaders”, which had a great opening credit sequence:

It shows a split screen of Tony Curtis and Roger Moore’s characters growing up. Now, take that idea and show a teenager with and without a baby.

One side of the screen shows the teenager in the hospital, having a baby with their girlfriend/boyfriend. They get an entry level job early to pay for the baby. They deal with bills. They have no time. The baby is crying. They’re at PTA meetings. Etc.

The other side of the screen shows the teenager growing up, going to college, getting a nicer job. They get married, have a baby later, have a fulfilling life.

Show that on a loop to teenagers. Job done.


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