I Finally Caved and Bought a Paperwhite

paperwhitweOver the last year, I’ve been struggling to get through a lot of books. I’ve only been finishing about ten percent of the books I start, which is unusual for me. And I’ve been blaming it on all kinds of things.

I’m writing so much that I presumed I didn’t want to look at other books. Which might be partially true. I’m also trying to read a lot of indies, some of which are not up to the standards of traditional publishing. Some, I said, before my indie bretheren pummel me.

However, this week, I discovered something I wasn’t expecting. I bought the second book in the Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier series: Invincible. A series I’ve thoroughly enjoyed in the past and even it was a struggle.

It shouldn’t be, but it was. I was floundering and feeling even more that I just can’t read anymore. Then I was in the living room, with my Asus tablet beside me and my Kindle upstairs. So I read on that and the book became a lot more enjoyable.

So I tried an experiment. I went up and tried reading on my Kindle, experiencing all the same problems again. Then on my tablet and enjoying the book thoroughly.

Which leaves me with a problem. My tablet, which was a birthday present last year, is pretty much monopolised by my son. By the time he’s done, the batteries are flat.

I’d also heard a lot of great things about the Kindle Paperwhite. So I stretched my finances by ordering one. It might be a mistake, as the car is due for a bi-annual test in a week’s time, but I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed for that. Reading is something that shouldn’t be a chore for me, and I think $250 is a worthwhile investment to make sure it isn’t (I’m in Norway, so I get taxed pretty heavily, hence the steep price).

It’s more than I would have liked, so I hope the Paperwhite solves my issue. Otherwise, I’ll have a very unhappy kid when I kick him off the tablet.


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