If I Wrote a Spam Email

The EndSpam messages are no longer as annoying as they once were. At least not to me. They’re quite obviously spam and very easy to ignore.

Phishing messages are different, however. They can still be tricky and can fool people. But spam is like phishing’s older brother, who’s gone a bit senile and just wants to feed the ducks and play with his dog.

So, here’s my own version of a spam message.

I know your dark secret

Yes, the one you thought no-one would ever find out. Did you really think it would be that hard to find out? After all, you used a computer and everyone knows they can be hacked.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell anyone. I just thought you should know that you’re not alone. You think you’re the only one with dark secrets? Everyone has something they want to hide from the world. No-one wants to expose their ugly side to people.

All I think is that you should consider what kind of person your secret makes you. Does it eat you up inside, or is it just something that other people wouldn’t understand? If it’s just that other people wouldn’t understand, then don’t worry about it. Just be nice to your family and go on living your life.

If it’s eating at you, though, maybe you should consider the most important people in your life: you. You wouldn’t dare tell anybody else, but you have no secrets from yourself. And your own image of yourself is the most vital thing you’ve got.

Make a change today. For instance, here’s a great charity you could give to: https://www.trocaire.org/donate

I’ll never reveal your secret to anyone else, but I can’t stop you from knowing it yourself. Be a better person than you think you can possibly be. My thoughts are with you.

Best regards,

Charl Willington, MP.

That’s a real charity above, by the way. Why not give them a buck?


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    • It kind of is. I was trying to think of what would make someone read it, since most people would delete anything non-relevant at once.

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